Hanjin Shipping

20th October 2016

I am aware that members have been disbursing deposits for container releases which are refundable upon return of the container.  Such deposits can be claimed from consignees and reimbursed on recovery. 

Further, any additional costs such as additional transportation fees caused by the displacement of Hanjin containers at ports other than the destination port, should be recovered from the consignee under the terms and conditions of our bills of lading. 

Notwithstanding the above, we are seeking to compile details of any cargo loss claims (excluding Consequential Loss) or potential cargo loss claims.

Can you please provide details of any other financial exposures that could lead us to be making a claim against Hanjin Shipping, for example any perishable cargo or perhaps cargo that as a result of seizure has been lost.   

I would also ask you to advise us if you have been claimed upon by any party with cargo interest in any consignments. 

Please respond urgently.   



Keith Traylor
FECL General Manager
t:  +44 (0)1375 487762
e:  Keith.Traylor@fecl.co.uk
w: www.fecl.com