Idle ships to rise to 1 million TEU as newbuilds enter market

9th August 2017

THE global idle containership fleet stood at 472,995 TEU as of July 24, marking the first time in two years that capacity has fallen below 500,000 TEU.

But Alphaliner warns the idle fleet could swell to one million TEU by the end of the year as newbuilds enter the market.

Newbuilds in the 14,000 to 21,000 TEU range will continue to be delivered at one a week over the summer period, reported Seatrade Maritime News of Colchester, England.

"During the first six months of this year, 26 ships of over 14,000 TEU have been delivered, and a further dozen newbuildings of this size are expected to join before the annual low season begins in October," Alphaliner said in its weekly newsletter.

In total 700,000 TEU in capacity is expected to be delivered over the next five months while only 150,000 TEU is likely to be scrapped.

"Idle ships figures, which have fallen to 472,000 TEU in the past week, are expected to creep up this autumn and they could again pass the one million TEU mark around New Year," Alphaliner warned.