2M to deploy megamax ships on dedicated FE-Med service, as it further downgrades Far East -North Europe capacity

6th March 2019

The revised “ AE-1/Shogun “ and “ AE-6/Lion “ services will be the two smallest of the six Asia-North Europe loops operated by 2M because of their Trans-Pacific extensions. Three of the six loops to North Europe will continue to be plied with megamaxes “ AE- 2/Swan”, “ AE-5/Albatross “ and “ AE-10/Silk “. The fleet of the “AE-7/Condor “ service will consist of a mix of nominal capacity 14,000 to 17,800 TEU ships.The average capacity of the “ AE-1/Shogun “ will be reduced by 30 per cent from an average of nominal capacity 18,070 TEU in the first quarter to nominal capacity 13,400 TEU vessels

from April onwards. Overall 2M weekly capacity on the Asia- North Europe route will be about 6 per cent lower in the second quarter of 2019 compared to the same period last year. The reduction will be partly offset by an increase in Asia-Med capacity but part of the additional capacity will be taken by Zim.